Live and cycle in Goa?

Ulrike Rodrigues of Girl Gone Goa

Ulrike Rodrigues of Girl Gone Goa

Sure, read all about it on my blog  Girl Gone Goa: travel, sex, magic and cycling in an Indian State. I wrote over 60 stories on life in Goa as a single woman of Goan descent in 2008/2009.

Since I’m a freelance writer, so you’ll also find full-text newspaper and magazine articles that I wrote for various publications, including columns in Momentum Magazine; a profile of me in Goa Today magazine (Goa Today), an opinion piece on tourism and garbage (Herald), a discussion of the  India goverment NRI Commission’s “Know Goa” program (Goa Today), and an introduction to the Goa Cycle Club and cycling in Goa (Herald).

Enjoy, and feel free to contact me.