On assignment on the Icefields Parkway, Canadian Rocky Mountains

On assignment on the Icefields Parkway, Canadian Rocky Mountains

Looking for a feisty voice? You’ve found her.

I research and write print and web editorial content for government, corporate, and publishing clients. I specialize in sustainability, transportation, tourism, culture, and cycling.

I’ve been in media, communication and marketing for more than a decade.

Clients include the Canadian Tourism Commission, Mountain Equipment Co-Op, A&B Sound, InPrint Media, Ingenuity Works, Buzz Marketing, Media C, Urban Advertising and Design, CanWest Publishing, The Globe and Mail, The Georgia Straight, Vancouver Review, Outpost, and a number of smaller businesses and organizations whose vision I share. View a detailed career narrative or resume.

In my spare time I combine my passions — communication, culture and cycling — in solo travel by bicycle, boat, train and foot. Destinations have included Canada, U.S.A., Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, New Zealand, Thailand, Laos and India. To encourage curiosity, I share my “how-to’s and why-nots” with the community in talks, slideshows and blogs. I also write a column for North America’s urban cycling magazine Momentum and momentumplanet.com.

I live in Vancouver, Canada and—with three bikes and a B.O.B. trailer—I live what I write. Some would say I’m a bit of an expert on contemporary cycling culture. I’ve been involved with cycling as a retail employee, a bike guide, an educator and an advocate. I respect any business or endeavor that strives to make a difference.

Let’s work together to spread the word about about today’s sustainable choices.

Contact me to bring a persuasive, authentic voice to your publication, web site, corporate brand or marketing effort. I also have a bit of a geeky side — check out my technical writing and web content portfolio.

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