Published work by Ulrike Rodrigues

Outpost Magazine:

  • Cycling Vancouver Island: Nanaimo to Nootka Sound by bike and boat (Travel, July/August 2006)
  • Circling the Cape: Cycling Baja’s Cape Region (Travel, July/August 2005)
  • Blood, Blisters and Bears (Travel, May/June 2005)Guide Knows Best (Travel, Jan/Feb. 2005)

Shared Vision:

  • Keep it natural with saucy sex products (Health, Feb. 2006)

The Globe and Mail:

  • Cycling Belize’s temple-to-temple tour (Travel, Feb. 2006)

Adventure West Magazine:

  • Touring Nootka Sound aboard the M.V. Uchuck (August 2005)
  • Practical Dances for Travellers (Mar. 2005)
  • Roger’s Pass and me (Feb. 2005)
  • Village Hostels on the Sunshine Coast (Dec. 2004)
  • Vancouver Island’s Merridale Cidery (Nov. 2004)
  • Pitt River Hot Springs (Oct. 2004)

Vancouver Georgia Straight:

  • Interior slopes offer fun on or off skis (Adventure, March 2007)
  • Orcas Play in Our Urban Back Yard (Travel, July 2005)
  • Healthy Sex is All In the Talk (Health, May 2005)
  • Soloists Team Up to Beat Singles’ Fees (Travel/Culture, February 2005)
  • Heading for the Hills? Then Get on the Bus (Travel Feature, January 2005)
  • Greenway Cycle Offers Urban Orienteering (Travel, June 2004)
  • A Two-Wheel Odyssey to a Table by the Sea (Travel, May 2004)
  • Gals’ Sexual Enhancers a Long Time Coming (Health/Culture Feb. 2002)
  • Monthly Salons Draw Fans of Flying Solo (Travel/Women Nov. 2002)
  • Thai Sanctuary offers yoga, rosti, and space cake (Travel, Feb. 2000)
  • Winter Cyclists Gear Up for Fun (Adventure, Nov. 2000)
  • The Bike, The Thieves, a Lock and Her Baby (Cycling/Culture, Oct. 2000)

Momentum Magazine:

  • The Adventures of Mitey Miss (Lifestyle column, present)
  • Gary Fisher: down from the mountain (Feature, 2007)
  • Joe Breeze on: efficiency, naked bikes and self-propelling prophecies (Feature, 2006)
  • Travelosophy (Travel column, 2001 – 2003)

CanWest Global Publications:

  • Vancouver Island: Slow and serene off Nootka Island (Travel, August 2005)
  • City bike route off the beaten track (Travel, July 2005)
  • Hostels are “Lux” for not a lot of bucks (Travel, Dec. 2001)

Coast Magazine:

  • What gets you Kranked, Baby? (Culture, May 2000)
  • Make your bike less tasty to thieves (Cycling/Gear, April 2000)
  • Cruising into the Holiday Spirit (Cycling/Culture, Jan. 2000)

Spotlight Magazine:

  • Restaurantour (Food column, 1990-1991)

Visitor Magazine:

  • Skirl of Pipes and Swirl of Kilts (Culture, 1987)
  • Sun and Fresh Air on the Menu (Culture, 1987)

Wellington Business Digest:

  • Psychology Visits the Mall (Marketing, 1986)
  • Kiwanians Build a Caring Community (Profile, 1987)
  • Soil Test Delays Millrace Construction (Notes, 1987)

The Ontarion:

  • Furthur (Culture column, 1985-1986)

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