My blogs, columns and serialized stories ~ current and archived

Girl Gone Goa

Six months and 60 stories of travel, sex, magic and cycling in an Indian state as a single woman of Goan descent (blog, 2008/2009)

The Adventures of Mitey Miss

Tales of urban cycling and culture from Momentum, North America’s city cycling magazine (column).

  • My dirty little secret
  • Guilt, sin and men! men! men! at Whistler’s Crankworx
  • and more

Is that a FOLDING bike?

A gonzo, bike-and-rail journey across Western Canada (serialized story, Fall 2007)

Adventure Lite

Inspiring travels in B.C., car-free, orginally published in Adventure West magazine (column, 2004 – 2005)

Canadian Heritage Interactive Journey

The people and their communities in eastern Canada (blog, archive)


Food and dining column in Spotlight Magazine (column, archive)