My blogs, columns, and serialized stories ~ current and archived

Bucket List, Australia

An exploration of small moments in a big country. (WordPress, 2016/2017)


Tales of ignorance and bliss staying and cycling in the southwest of France (WordPress, 2015/2016)

Symba the Honda Cub Travels

2000km on a 100cc motorbike on backroads BC, Canada (WordPress, 2014)

You are free

Your suicide, my story, in 2o parts (Medium, 2014)

Girl Gone Goa

Six months and 60 stories of travel, sex, magic and cycling in an Indian state as a single woman of Goan descent (WordPress, 2008/2009)

The Adventures of Mitey Miss

Tales of urban cycling and culture from Momentum, North America’s city cycling magazine (column, 2009-2012).

Is that a FOLDING bike?

A train and folding bicycle adventure across Western Canada (Blogger, 2009)

Adventure Lite

Inspiring travels in B.C., car-free, orginally published in Adventure West magazine (column, 2004 – 2005)

Canadian Heritage Interactive Journey

Maritimers  and their communities in eastern Canada (blog, archive)


Food and dining column in Spotlight Magazine (column, archive)